Summer DIY Cosmetics Workshop



Are you looking for an activity for your child this summer? Or do you want to learn how to make your own cosmetics properly? Or just a curious creative?

Join us this summer and make your own skincare in the comfort of your home!

‘Veduxe offers a unique experience of organic cosmetics DIY workshops that teaches you how to make lip balms, simple lotions, creams, balms and butters and a lot more. The goal is to help you become a handcraft cosmetics in the comfort of your home at an affordable price point. You even get an ingredients starter pack! So, your dream of creating skin and hair care without all those synthetic chemicals that do your hair any good is about to start. That is how I started my formulation journey before eventually becoming a certified organic formulator. Through these workshops, you will connect with your inner creativity and perhaps find that you might want to be a cosmetic formulator. At the end of the course, you automatically become a member of Veduxe's growing online community: LIVINGORGANIC.CLUB.

No longer should we be enslaved by damaging cosmetics that mask under the cloak of ’natural and organic’ taglines. Come, learn and free yourself with powerful knowledge and creative sessions of how YOU can make YOUR own products in the comfort of your home. Family memberships are welcome. Why not?!

Dola’s dream and life passion is to empower communities with knowledge to make their own decisions without the manipulative influence of traditional and social media of how we should show up. So, she want to start from the children, because they are our future.

Sustainability starts with the YOUNGSTERS!

“Each one, reach one, teach one” Amen!

SUMMER WORKSHOP for ages 10 and above
(younger children are welcome with adult supervision)

August 29 to 31, 2022

All summer school workshops will be delivered online and all attendees will automatically join Veduxe's growing online community: ORGANICLIVING.CLUB


  • Create your FIRST EVER skin lotion, balm and butters.
  • Get a CERTIFICATE to show your productivity in the summer.
  • Become an ENTREPRENEUR with new skills.
  • Get HEALTH & NUTRITION advice from our experts.
  • OWN your life, make MONEY, be FREE.


Benefits of Joining the Club:

  1. Ongoing support for developing our students into expert formulators.
  2. Masterclasses throughout the year for ongoing learning.
  3. Membership of our exclusive Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube groups, where they get to showcase their work and learn from others.
  4. Group mentorship and coaching for all members.
  5. Annual event to learn about organic living by renowned experts in nutrition, formulation, hair care and so on.
  6. Lifetime access to the training portal for refreshing their knowledge of learning outcomes from the training school.


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