About Us

Veduxe prides itself as an emerging but powerful organic and natural hair and skincare brand. Its product offerings cater to people seeking sustainable lifestyle choices and better standards of cosmetics in a world full of shortcuts. We are very proud to offer handmade organic and natural cosmetics to customers, ranging from hair growth product ranges to skincare products that alleviates problems such as eczema, hyperpigmentation and ageing skin.
Founded on the basis that Nature has sufficient potent material ingredients to cater for, nourish and protect us, Veduxe offers a range of product formulations derived from fresh, ethically sourced botanical, ayurvedic herbs, essential oils, other natural sources. We handcraft all your orders freshly with love, guided by science, while adopting the formulation method.
With the option of booking a consultation with one of our experts, you can be sure that we curate ingredients for your specific needs.

That’s what sets us apart: Bespoke hair and skin care for YOU!


Our Story

Veduxe started with Dr. Dola, our Founder, who had a lived experience of hair loss
(androgenic alopecia) resulting from hormonal imbalance and premenopausal
diagnosis. Through personal research into the world of Ayurvedic herbs and oils, she created a powerful hair growth kit, which she used for growing her hair back.
She later enrolled for two diplomas and graduated with distinction in Organic and
Natural cosmetic formulations from two reputable international schools. After this, she began to created skin care products as well in her bid to help family and friends who requested for organic skincare products in addition to the organic hair products she was already offering. Dola has gone on to help and support men and women from all over the world to regain their confidence through consultation, coaching and development of skin and hair care products that meet their specific needs.

She has since become a stronger advocate for sustainable and organic living,
encouraging all people to engage in practices that ensures we leave a legacy of a
rich earth for future generations to enjoy after we are long gone.

We all must do this.

Origins | Sustainability | Ethos


With origins underpinned by ancient alchemy practices of transforming herbs and oils into luxury ingredients and products, Veduxe derives its name from the concept that AyurVEDic herbal infusions can delUXE your skin and hair one product at a time. By this, we engage with Earth to provide environmentally sustainable product offerings, guided by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and our unique formulation approach.

We care about the environment and as such, adopt strict environmental and sustainability practices by sourcing ingredients from ethical sources and suppliers that promote sound environmental practices. We aim to source for products from local farmers in the first instance and then from Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard (COSMOS) approved and certified suppliers. This approach assures us that our customers can be confident that they get exactly what each product says on the tin - organic or natural – sustainably (economic, social and environmental).

We do not use any genetically modified ingredients or toxic ingredients that often promise excellent cosmetic results but with lasting long-term damage on your overall health and wholeness.



Veduxe’s philosophy is in the holistic approach to hair and skincare cosmetics formulation by choosing the ORGANIC and NATURAL way using the finest herbs and botanicals for handcrafting natural and organic product offerings. This is all characterised by the gift of God in Nature and Earth to meet our skin and hair care needs.



We adopt a formulation methodology  or all our products. Plant Extracts and Botanicals, Naturally Derived Emulsifiers, Ancient Herbs and Oils reputed for their efficacy and potency form the basis of our product line while adopting ancient alchemy practices such as herbal infusions. We maintain Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with a high level of hygiene and cleanliness: Nurturing your skin and hair with nature’s best, one product at a time.


Our Logo


Veduxe’s logo symbolises NATURE. It speaks of the power inherent in combining oils into herbs, botanicals and water to create your desired skin and hair health. 


Made in Britain | Partnering With Africa 

Veduxe’s is a proud member of Made in Britain, which substantiates our claims that all we handmake all our products inland.

We are also very passionate about ethical sourcing and therefore make concerted efforts to source organic ingredients directly from local farmers and suppliers in the continent of Africa. This approach is our way of ensuring funds are directly accessed by local farmers and we avoid the undercutting practices often associated with importation from the continent of Africa.

Our Founder 

Dr. Dola